What does GOPT Corporate do ?

We have identified a culture within the corporate space of poor mental and physical health. Seeing businesses under perform due to poor staff morale, health and engagement inspired us to create a corporate health fitness and wellness program.

Our extensive experience in both the fitness industry and corporate environments has enabled us to meet the needs of businesses who value the health and wellbeing of their employees, want to see their teams become more engaged and ultimately have more productive, profitable businesses.

GOPT Corporate is able to customise a Health Fitness and Wellness program to suit your business. Programs can involve but are not limited to:

Group PT sessions

Mindset/ meditation sessions




Creating on site gym spaces (fit outs and equipment purchasing and installs)

Nutrition education

Health assessments / Body compositions

Team Building Activities ( on site and off site)

Manage workplace challenges

Corporate gym management, gym design and set up

Engage your employees.

Have your staff wanting to work better for you

Show you really care

Give the gift of health and fitness to your teams

Add massive value to your teams.

Retain a more productive workforce for longer with GOPT corporate programs

What do our clients say ?

GOPT corporate knows just what is involved in bringing staff together to create healthy, more engaged employees. Listen to what a few of our clients have to say about us.

Who are our partners?

What are you waiting for ?

We would love to hear from you. Leave your contact info here so we can arrange an obligation free meeting to discuss how GOPT Corporate can partner with your business and customise a Health and Fitness Program.